Sunday, October 26, 2008

Speed Racer (2008) HD DVDRip

Born to race cars, Speed Racer is aggressive, instinctive and, most of all, fearless. His only real competition is the memory of the brother he idolized - the legendary Rex Racer, whose death in a race has left behind a legacy that Speed is driven to fulfill. Speed is loyal to the family racing business, led by his father, Pops Racer, the designer of Speed’s thundering Mach 5.

IMDB Ratings: 6.6/10
Yahoo ratings: B-

STARRING: Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Adaptation
Running Time: 2 hr. 15 min.
Release Date: May 9th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for sequences of action, some violence, language and brief smoking.
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution