Sunday, October 26, 2008

PSCX2 Emulator

With this emulator you can play lots of ps2 games on your computer like Final Fantasy X, Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Resident Evil Code Veronica.
But this emulator needs a powerfull computer. You need Core 2 Duo CPU and a good Graphic card. Some game may be slow because of the program development and your system configuration. I recommed Quad Core CPU and Geforce 8600 GT card. With this system you can play lots of game without any speed problem.

PCSX2 USAGE---------------------

-Dowload PCSX2 from this link

rar pass: murioiyibiri

-Open the rar file
-Execute 384X3pcsx2.exe file and it will ask a question to you to enable ram performance option. Accept it and your sistem log off and log on automaticly
-Open the program again. Click Config menu and select Configure. There are lots of option there but the most important options are Graphics , First Controller, Cdvrom, Sound and Bios.
-If you are using a powerfull cpu select Gsdx(MSVC 15.00,SSE41)0.1.9 graphic plugin. Click configure and make sure logaritmic Z is selected.
-Select a Controller plugin and set your keys
-If you want to use your Orginal ps2 DVD or Cd games select P.E.Op.S CDVD plugin and configure Interface to W2K/XP, configure Drive section to your physical drive.
-If you want to use your iso games select Linuzappz ISO 0.7.0 plugin and configure it to select your iso game file.
-On the Config tab there is a special menu called Speed Hacks, open that menu and select Disable Forced ABS, EE/IOP Sync Hack (2x) and (3x), Denormaks are Zero. These options generally accelerate the fps.

-General and Graphics configuration

-Open Config menu and click CPU (CPU configuration)

-When you finished click OK to close configuration window.
-On main menu select File and click Run CD/DVD buton to run your games.