Friday, October 24, 2008

AdSense Users: Stop Complaining ... Start Working !

How many times have you heard of an AdSense user who got banned for not reading the TOS and being an idiot clicking his own ads? What about a new AdSense publisher who keeps on complaining because he’s just earning two cents a day? If you ask me, I’d say “Too often that I can’t count the number of times”.

We can’t deny it, there are lots of AdSense users who break the rules, complain and plead Google to reinstate their accounts. There are also a big number of people who expect to see hundreds of dollars in their account a day, but apparently, they’re doing nothing but place numerous ad units on their pages. And the worst part is, they have a habit of starting threads saying “How come I didn’t earn anything from AdSense?” after they see $0.00 in their AdSense dashboard. Guys, how will you earn if you’re placing ads on pages with no content?

Start Working!

Don’t you think that the time you’re wasting by complaining and ranting can be used to develop your site and increase your earning potential? If you will just work hard to create high-quality content that’s worth reading (or at least looking at)… if you just exert effort to increase your site’s traffic, then I think you WILL deserve to earn a lot of money from AdSense.

Don’t use a lot of your time to look for some fancy e-books which tell you how to be an AdSense millionaire. Start small, your “AdSense Empire” will become bigger and bigger if you put enough effort into what you’re doing.

Question and Answer Time!

Here are some questions asked by AdSense publishers and I’d like to answer them here (so that I can share them with you).

Q: I got banned! Can I apply for another publisher account?
A: If you broke the rules, then sorry… you can’t apply for another account. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Q: Can I place ads as soon as my site is alive and kicking?
A: It’s your choice, but it’s best if you just wait for some loyal visitors to come. Place your ads when you already have a stable amount of daily traffic.

Q: How many times can I click my own ads per day?
A: Did you read the terms of service yet? Check it out, the answer’s there. Fine, I’ll be straight to the point. The answer is a big fat ZERO! (Sorry, you can’t click your own ads.) :wink:

Q: How come no one’s clicking my ads? My site gets 1,000 visits a day and I have some great stuff to offer…
A: Did you place your ads where people can see them? :mrgreen: If you’re serving ads, show them to the world. Don’t hide them in the shadows.

Some Things to Remember

1. Read the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
2. You MUST NOT put “Please click my ads plz plz plz plz!” on top of every ad unit. You WILL get banned.
3. Don’t be stupid and click your own ads. ‘Nuff said.